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Editing curriculum for returned migrant children: ¡Regreso, aprendo, me quedo!

One of the most challenging projects that I have done with in my business Ring Connection was editing and reworking a set of 12 workbooks that had been commissioned by CASM and the Fundación Pestalozzi in Honduras for the reintegration of migrant children into the school system. Studies had shown that children who were not […]


Copa Creativa Honduras

One of my favorite projects so far has been the digitalization of the Copa Creativa Honduras, the Honduran arm of the Creative Business Cup. I was contacted by Honduran NGO Honduras Social to create a website and application form for the Copa Creativa Honduras 2020. Their previous website was no longer working, and key information […]

Career Musings

Thank You to Teaching

We balked when the Career Counselor at my college told us that the average person changes careers – not just jobs, but careers – 11 times in their lifetime. I remember thinking that this number was a little drastic. However, in the decade since my college graduation, I have already had 3 different career paths, […]

Career Life Programming

Why I Want to Be a Software Engineer

Silence on the other end of the phone. “Are you even good with computers? You don’t seem like a techy kind of person.” My friend was understandably incredulous of what I had just told her: I want to be a software engineer. I am an International Relations grad from a liberal arts college. What good […]