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30 Days of Code #11

In which I once again find that the algorithm is everything. EVERYTHING.

I labored for a while on one Codewars problem for a few days, but in the end the test cases didn’t appear to be working properly. I will leave that one for later. I still have ideas about how to make it work.

As usual, though, it took me working through the problem in my algorithm before the solution actually worked (in the test cases that appeared to be okay). I thought it was easier than it actually was and decided to give it a go without writing the algorithm. This is pretty much always a bad idea. I think I will be learning this lesson for the rest of my life: don’t get ahead of yourself. Don’t assume you know. Plan. Test. And then enjoy the freedom that comes with knowing you have a plan, so you can bend or completely revamp it if needed.

For the next problem, it involved finding a fibonacci number and doing some other formatting things with it. I remember struggling in a Launch School exercise to find the fibonacci number, but then they taught a much simpler way to do it that I was thrilled to see come back to me in my muscle memory. Like riding a bicycle :`)

I spent so much time on the algorithm that the problem felt very simple, but that just goes to show that the algorithm is everything.

Here is the problem: Around Fibonacci.

Here is my work: link.