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Hurricane Relief Purchase Calculator

Despite the horrors of Hurricanes Eta and Iota, and the disastrous effects people are still facing months after the events, people came together to support each other, even more amazing because the effect of the pandemic on Honduras’ economy has been incredibly damaging. I was also thankful to see my churches in Houston reach out […]

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Editing curriculum for returned migrant children: ¡Regreso, aprendo, me quedo!

One of the most challenging projects that I have done with in my business Ring Connection was editing and reworking a set of 12 workbooks that had been commissioned by CASM and the Fundaci├│n Pestalozzi in Honduras for the reintegration of migrant children into the school system. Studies had shown that children who were not […]

Honduras Migration Musings

American Dream

Here is the story of a young woman I know who decided to go to the US undocumented. She is a young, very hard-working single mother who lives with her family, has a steady job as a teacher at a private school, and has a university degree. Yet she wants to go on this dangerous journey. What is wrong with this picture?

Community Development Honduras Migration Musings

Reconsidering the Migration Narrative in Honduras

Is a lack of positive thinking the reason that so many people are leaving Honduras?