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Editing curriculum for returned migrant children: ¡Regreso, aprendo, me quedo!

One of the most challenging projects that I have done with in my business Ring Connection was editing and reworking a set of 12 workbooks that had been commissioned by CASM and the Fundaci├│n Pestalozzi in Honduras for the reintegration of migrant children into the school system. Studies had shown that children who were not […]

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American Dream

Here is the story of a young woman I know who decided to go to the US undocumented. She is a young, very hard-working single mother who lives with her family, has a steady job as a teacher at a private school, and has a university degree. Yet she wants to go on this dangerous journey. What is wrong with this picture?

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Reconsidering the Migration Narrative in Honduras

Is a lack of positive thinking the reason that so many people are leaving Honduras?