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30 Days of Code #3

The one where I don’t finish the problem.

This probably won’t be the only day where I don’t finish something I started. I am calling it a day after it is now technically not the right day anymore.

I decided to revisit an old problem that I didn’t finish then, either. I ended up reworking an algorithm to no avail. The mess is here.

Here are some things I learned:

  • Maybe go a little easier on yourself, maybe?
  • I really enjoy coding challenges where I just lose myself in them. Also, I love testing.
  • It takes a long time when revisiting a problem of this complexity to just sit with it and figure it out.
  • I probably should have stopped earlier to let my brain do its synaptic magic through sleep and the diffuse state.
  • My main issue probably has to do with rounding and perhaps the difference between floats and integers. And maybe the code itself.